Off to Kindergarten (02K)

The Francis Howell School District is offers a preschool class called “Off to Kindergarten.” The class is a single-age class for children who will be entering kindergarten in August of 2015. The class will focus on the skills needed to be successful in kindergarten socially and academically. There will be fun learning activities that prepare the children for the literacy and math kindergarten curriculum.

The Off to Kindergarten class will be available in both the half day and full day programs. The half day programming will be offered in the afternoons at the early childhood centers only. One half day class will be held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the afternoon (12:43-3:45 PM) and the other half day class will be five days a week in the afternoon (12:43-3:45 PM).

To enroll children must be four years old by August 1.

Click here full day tuition rates.

Click here for half day tuition rates.

Contact the Early Childhood Center nearest you to enroll or for more information:

  • ECFEC Central School Road 636-851-6400
  • ECFEC Hackmann Road 636-851-6200
  • ECFEC Meadows Parkway 636-851-6000