Information and FAQ

General Information

  • 500 feet is the minimum distance between bus stop locations.
  • Make sure you are looking at the Bus #, not the Route #.
  • Students in boundary change areas, please look for a sign on the bus indicating the name of the school that bus is servicing.

Please call 636-851-6220 for bus related questions. To view directions on finding Transportation Information on the Parent Portal, please click here.

Bus Stop Changes

  • Check the Parent Portal frequently during the first few weeks of school for changes.

After the first few weeks, a notification will be sent if the pick up/drop off times change by more than 5 minutes.

Alternate Transportation

  • If your child needs transportation on a route other than their home bus route, they must fill out a transportation request form 3 days in advance for a consistent alternate schedule. (e.g., multiple residences, child care location, etc.). *Note: Alternate Route information will NOT be available through your Parent Portal.
  • Previously approved Alternate Bus Routes (Different AM/PM Routes and Two-Parent/Household Transportation Routes) are NO LONGER ACTIVE.The form must be completed and submitted to the school office ASAP. You will be notified of approval and given the alternate bus route information.


What if I need to change my child’s transportation information?

August 6, 2021 at 5:00 pm is the cut-off for changes.  All changes received after that date and time will be effective on Monday, August 30, 2021. Bus stop changes typically will take 48 hours.

What if my child needs two different PM buses?

Parents must submit a written schedule to the school office so staff know which bus the student is to board each day.

If my child is driving themselves, can they still be issued a bus route?

Student drivers will not be issued a bus route if they are driving 100% of the time. If the plans change, please contact the school office and transportation services will be reinstated within 48 hours.

Can my child get off at another bus stop?

Students must get on and off at their assigned bus stop only.  Drivers are not permitted to provide “sweetheart” stops. Parents must contact the Transportation Department to request a different stop location. See Alternate Transportation information above.

Can a student who is not assigned to District transportation ride the bus home with a friend?

Students are not permitted to ride the bus home with a friend.  In an emergency, parents should contact the school office.  Please review your school’s procedures to determine the time deadline for daily changes.

What happens if an authorized adult isn’t present to receive my kindergarten student at the bus stop?

An adult or authorized person must be present to receive all kindergarten students from the bus. If an authorized individual is not there, the child will be returned to their school at the conclusion of the route.

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