New Retiree Benefits

Congratulations on your retirement! Every retiree is required to watch all the videos listed on this webpage and visit the related links.

For your convenience, on the links below, right-click to open them in new windows so you don't lose track of this page. You may also use your web browsers back arros to return to this page after watching each video or reading each document.

You must complete the following if you wish to elect Retiree coverage with FHSD:

  • Enrollment of Benefits in SmartBen,
  • Upload bank form through SmartBen,
  • Upload voided check through SmartBen.
The below videos and documents will walk you through the election process: 

1. Read the Please Read First Letter and review the FAQ sheet below.

- Support Staff FAQ
- Certified Staff FAQ

2. Watch the Retiree Benefits Video.

3. Review the Retiree Insurance Booklet.

4. Review the MetLife Conversion Form and the MetLife Portability Form

5. Complete only if you wish to convert your Life Insurance policies.

6. Review How to Enroll in Benefits with SmartBen, which will walk you through electing your retiree benefits.

  • Print your confirmation page.

7. If you elected to cover your spouse on your MEDICAL plan please complete the Spousal Exclusion Form.

  • This is a yearly form that you must email to the Benefits office at [email protected] each plan year that you cover your spouse on FHSD medical or they will be dropped from the medical coverage.

8. Review the Premium Cost Sheet, which details the cost breakdown of your benefit options.

9. Review Medicare D Notice.

10. Review the limits associated with working after retirement.

11. Watch the video titled Uploading Documents in SmartBen.

12. Fill out the Retiree Bank Form.

13. Review the documents titled How to Upload Bank Info, which will walk you through uploading a voided check and bank withdrawal form.

14.  If you wish to be included on the information regarding RDIP please sign up by adding your name to this Google Form. If it is after September 1st of the current year please email [email protected] to inquire about RDIP. 

15. Sign up for the Retiree Activity Group to stay in touch with other FHSD retirees.

If you still have questions after watching the videos and reviewing the documents, please contact the Benefits Office at [email protected] or call 636-851-6099.
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