Online Enrollment

FHSD Online Enrollment for the 2017-18 school year

Please gather the following details before you begin:

  • Household information – address and phone numbers

  • Parent information – work and cell numbers, email addresses

  • Student information – demographic and health / medication information

  • Emergency contacts – names and phone numbers

Click here to begin the Enrollment Application process.

IMPORTANT:  Note your online enrollment application number.  When complete and submitted, please contact the appropriate building(s) to schedule an enrollment appointment for your student(s).  Thank you.

Becky-David Elementary 636-851-4307 Ms. Van Booven
Castlio Elementary 636-851-4355 Ms. Walker
Central Elementary 636-851-5626 Ms. Meyer
Daniel Boone Elementary 636-851-4406 Ms. Stevens
Fairmount Elementary 636-851-4485 Ms. Debrick
Harvest Ridge Elementary 636-851-5184 Ms. Zerface
Henderson Elementary 636-851-5244 Ms. Vaught
Independence Elementary 636-851-5810 Ms. Barlos
John Weldon Elementary 636-851-5382 Ms. Daehnke
Warren Elementary 636-851-6248 Ms. Rademacher

Barnwell Middle School 636-851-4191 Ms. Hickam
Bryan Middle School 636-851-6151 Ms. Kruse
Francis Howell Middle School 636-851-4924 Ms. Sheets
Hollenbeck Middle School 636-851-5340 Ms. Sloan
Saeger Middle School 636-851-5509 Ms. Paul

Francis Howell High School 636-851-4789 Guidance Office
Francis Howell Central High School 636-851-4668 Guidance Office
Francis Howell North High School 636-851-5099 Guidance Office