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The safety of students and staff in our schools and community is of primary importance. Whether it is driving safely in school zones, teaching students to safely walk or ride their bikes to school, or reporting suspicious activity, everyone has an important role in helping to keep our schools and community safe. This page is intended to provide you with valuable information and resources related to safety.

The District website is the primary source of information during any urgent or emergency situation, including inclement weather and school closures. Information will be posted prominently and updated regularly on the District’s homepage.


Reporting Safety Concerns
The safety of students and staff in our schools and community is of primary importance. If you suspect that a student is being bullied please contact your school’s principal, counselor, or school resource officer. 

The Missouri School Violence Hotline (SVH) began in October of 2001. In 2019, through the Missouri School Safety Initiative, the reporting mechanism moved to the Missouri Information Analysis Center for 24/7 operation and was named Courage2ReportMO. The goal is to make schools safer by helping school districts and law enforcement learn about school violence as soon as possible. Courage2ReportMO takes CONFIDENTIAL reports involving any public or private school in Missouri with students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. For more information, please click here.

Bus Safety

Safety Bee says..."Bee Safe...Bee Seen!” The bus safety section provides valuable tips to teach your children on how to be safe while waiting for the school bus.


Visitors, Please Check in at the Office

When visiting any one of our schools, we ask that all visitors, even parents who may volunteer on a regular basis, please check in at the school office. Requiring that visitors sign in and out, and wear a visitor’s badge, will ensure that all staff are aware of all visitors’ location in the building and are alerted to any individual who is not wearing proper identification. Following these procedures ensures the safety of all students, staff, and visitors while at school. In addition, if you are visiting a school and notice any individual not properly identified, please alert a staff member immediately.

School Resource Officers

School Resource Officers from city and county law enforcement agencies are assigned to our schools to ensure a safe environment. They are part of a team that performs regular safety assessments and planning for crisis response at each school.


Emergency Contact Information

Parents should regularly check the contact information on file at their child’s school to ensure that they can be easily reached in the event of an urgent matter. Please provide the school with alternate contact information for authorized persons who may be contacted to pick up your child in the event you are not able or cannot be reached.


Emergency Response and Communications

In the event of an emergency, we work closely with local law enforcement agencies to proactively and collaboratively respond to any situation involving Francis Howell School District schools. Our first and foremost goal is to secure the safety of our students and staff. Information changes rapidly in an emergency or crisis. We rely on our emergency responders to provide us with the most accurate information and we strive to inform and regularly update parents as quickly as possible. The District website will serve as the primary vehicle for communicating during an emergency situation.


Keep School Access Clear for Responders

It is vitally important to keep access to schools open for any of our emergency responders - fire, medical and law enforcement agencies- to respond quickly and efficiently. We completely understand parents’ concern and desire to be close to their children in an emergency. However, for the safety of our students and staff, we ask parents and other concerned members of the community to keep all access to the schools free and clear, including roads, parking areas and doors, at all times.

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