Boundary Exceptions

Boundary exceptions may be granted when a student is in dire circumstances and is presented with obstacles sufficient to impair success at the school in their attendance area.  (See FHSD Regulation 2510)

The procedures below are generally the same in all cases.

  1. The parent, guardian, or student submits a written request to the Director of Elementary Education or Director of Secondary Education using the Boundary Exception Request Form


  2. The request is reviewed by the Director of Elementary Education or Director of Secondary Education. If necessary, the Director may contact the student’s parent or guardian and may verify information with appropriate school personnel.


  3. The case will be reviewed on its own merit to determine a) if dire circumstances exist; and b) if changing schools will significantly improve the student’s chance to succeed.


  4. A decision will be communicated with the student’s parent/guardian and the student’s school.

Please note that the District does not approve boundary exceptions for reasons that are not dire circumstances.  This would include, but would not be limited to maintaining contact with a desired friend group, ease of transportation, proximity to the alternate school, gaining access to an elective class or program offered in a specific building, or general preference.  In addition, the District does not approve boundary exceptions that are submitted for athletics or activity purposes. 

Please also note that boundary exceptions are only considered for students who live within the school district’s boundaries.  If a student moves outside of the District, then the student may only continue attending an FHSD school if the family pays tuition.  Furthermore, under state law, if a 12th grader moves after the start of their senior year, then that student may complete their senior year in their current school so long as they continue to live in the State of Missouri.

When boundary exceptions are granted, the following will apply:

  • A periodic progress review will be conducted to ensure the student’s attendance, behavior, and academic progress are acceptable to teachers, counselors, and administrators. The boundary exception may be rescinded if any of the above criteria is not acceptable.
  • Transportation will be the responsibility of the family. If approved, under unique circumstances and only after gaining permission, a student may go to the nearest bus stop that serves the school they will be attending. Schools are not required to issue a parking permit to students who are on boundary exceptions.
  • Boundary exceptions must be re-submitted and reapproved every year.

  • Any high school student who is involved in athletics/activities and is granted a boundary exception or any inter-district transfer must meet eligibility guidelines of the Missouri State High School Activities Association bylaw 238.0 Residence and Transfer Requirements. These guidelines state that any change in schools without a corresponding change of address will result in the student being ineligible to participate in varsity athletics for 365 days from the date of enrollment in the new school. The activities directors at your present and future schools should be contacted for assistance in determining eligibility before submitting transfer requests.

Contact Information

Elementary and Secondary:

Dr. Jennifer Patterson
Director of Student Services

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