Bus Routes via eLink
Click here for your student's bus route information on eLink. 
*Due to recent boundary changes at some schools, the bus stop shown on eLink may not be entirely accurate. If the route indicated as your student's bus stop location on eLink is not transporting to the school where your student is actually enrolled/registered, please call 636-851-4069 or 636-851-6227.

Bus Guidelines
The bus ride to and from school is considered an extension of the school day. During this time students are under the supervision of the district’s bus drivers in addition to school administration. Because every bus driver’s primary responsibility is the safe transport of students, the district has installed video cameras to assist the driver in monitor student behavior and safety. Click here to read more. 

Bus Stop Criteria
The Francis Howell School District has established certain bus stop criteria. Click here to read more. 

Bus Safety
Safety Bee says..."Bee Safe...Bee Seen!” This section provides valuable tips to teach your children on how to be safe while waiting on the school bus. Click here to read more. 

Child Abduction Safety
The best protection for a child at a school bus stop is a vigilant parent. In today's world of dual working parent families, a parent waiting at the bus stop with a child is not always possible. Each year in the United States, between 1.3 and 1.8 million children are reported missing. These children may be kidnapped, lost, or runaways. Some children are taken by a non-custodial parent. Still others disappear with few clues as to the reason. Click here to read more.

Have a Transportation problem?
Call First Student at 636-851-6220.