Admission of Students
All students, five to twenty-one (5-21) years of age, who reside within the boundaries of the District may attend District schools tuition free. In order to “reside” within the District, the student must be physically domiciled within District boundaries. The domicile of a minor student is generally the domicile of the student’s parent, military guardian pursuant to a military issued guardianship, or court-appointed legal guardian.  Click here to read more.

Assignment to Schools

Assignment of students to schools is based upon attendance areas established by the Board. The following provisions indicate exceptions to school assignments by attendance area.  Click here to read more.

Boundary Exception Procedures
Boundary Exceptions may be granted when a student is in dire circumstances and is presented with obstacles sufficient to impair success at the school in the attendance area in which the student’s parent or guardian resides. (Regulation 2510, paragraph 7).  Click here to read more. 

Enrolling a Student 
To enroll a student in the FHSD, call the school in your attendance area and make an appointment for registration. The student and parent/guardian must reside within the FHSD boundaries.  Click here to read more..