The Francis Howell bullying page is a resource for students, parents, teachers and community partners to help reduce bullying and improve school climate. This page is intended to provide you with valuable information and resources for bullying prevention. For example, signs of bullying, how to deal with bullying, definitions, external websites, FHSD Student Safety Policies and videos such as a recent Dateline MSNBC news segment entitled,My Child Would Never Bully.”  This news segment shows simulated real-life bullying situations with hidden cameras with valuable insight into how kids respond to bullying when they think no one is looking.  

FHSD is committed to maintaining a learning and working environment free of any form of bullying or intimidation by students toward District personnel or students on school grounds, or school time, at a school sponsored activity or in a school related context as stated in Bullying Policy 2655 of the District Board Policy and Regulations document.

The safety of students and staff in our schools and community is of primary importance. If you suspect that a student is being bullied please contact your school’s principal, counselor or school resource officer. 

Missouri School Violence Hotline
he Missouri's School Violence Hotline accepts bullying reports and forwards the reported information to the District. Students. Parents can call 1-866-748-7047 and receive a live voice Monday - Friday 7 AM until 6 PM (voicemail after hours). Reports can also be made 24 hours a day by clicking here or y
ou may also text  "REPORTIT" to 84741.

FHSD Student Safety Policies

Bullying Prevention & Education Links

Cyber Bullying