Summer School 2016

2016 Summer School

The Francis Howell School District Summer School program dates and building locations have been approved by the Board of Education. Information on our summer offerings are listed below. If you need any additional information that is not provided on this webpage, please email the summer school department or call 636-851-4012.

While much of the summer school programming is the same, there are some exciting additions and updates.

Elementary School Assistance – June 6 – 24, 2016
This program will be held at Independence Elementary this year. Students entering grades 1st - 5th identified as needing assistance in reading will be invited to attend this program.

Middle School Math/Reading Assistance
This program has been revised from previous year’s middle school programs.  The program will run 30 days.  Dates are June 6 – July 22, 2016. Students entering grades 6th – 8th identified as needing assistance in reading and/or math will be invited to attend. The program will use Read 180/System 44 as the reading instruction platform and Math 180 as the math instruction platform. 

Electives will be a part of the middle school assistance program this summer as well.  Students enrolled in the middle school program can have the options to select a middle school level elective course. These courses will be determined prior to enrollment materials being sent out to schools and students. 

Also worth noting is that students in middle school whose selection of electives during the school year is limited due to their schedule will have an opportunity to enroll in an elective class during the summer program. This information will be communicated through school and district eNews.

The Middle School Program will be held at Bryan Middle School.

Elementary STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math) Camps

These free four day camps will return in 2016. The camp has been expanded to allow students completing grade 2 to attend. The free camps are for students entering grades 3-6 and are focused around STEAM activities, including robotics. Elementary dates are June 13 – 16, June 20 – 23, July 11 – 14 and July 18 – 21, 2016. The camps will be held at Warren for the first two weeks and Harvest Ridge for the second two weeks.

Middle School STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) Camps
Middle School camps are 5 days in length, free, are for students entering grades 7-9. This summer the STEM Camps will be held at Hollenbeck Middle School. The dates are June 13 – 17, 2016 and June 20 – 24, 2016.

App Camp (Mobile Application Camp)
These one week camps are returning for 2016 and is again expected to be popular with students from across the district. The free camps are for students entering grades 7-9. Students will learn how to create and market a mobile app. Dates for this camp are July 11 -15, 2016 and July 18 - 22, 2016 and will again be held at Francis Howell Middle School.

Middle School Summer Success Class: July 11 - 22, 2016
This is the third year for this program. Middle school students get to high school and some have a difficult time. Using a students’ history of attendance, grades and discipline, identified students will be invited to attend a 10-day session held close to the beginning of the new school year.  The focus of the program will be to provide students a head start on the upcoming school year. Topics covered in this program include how to prepare for the pace of high school, getting involved in extra-curricular activities, and how to avoid the pitfalls that many freshmen experience during their weeks of high school.

The Summer Success Class will run for 10 days. There is no cost to the student and transportation will be provided within district boundaries if requested at the time of enrollment.

Middle School Credit Recovery
This program is being replaced by the Middle School Math/Reading assistance program listed above.

Click here for the High School Summer Academy Handbook

High School Credit Recovery 
This program assists students in recovering credits needed to graduate. There are two sessions and students can earn 1.0 credits on courses already taken where no credit was earned. Session 1 is held June 6 – 17, 2016 and Session 2 is June 20 – July 1, 2016. Classes will be held at Francis Howell High School and transportation is provided if requested at the time of enrollment.  Click here for the Summer High School Credit Recovery Enrollment Form.

High School Credit Advancement
This summer programming allows students who have completed grades 8 – 12 the opportunity to earn 0.5 or 1.0 credits towards graduation requirements. Courses this summer will include 2 online courses, Health and Personal Finance. Classes will be held at Francis Howell High School. Students can sign up for an AM session and/or a PM session. Dates for the program are June 6 – July 1, 2016. Click here for the Summer High School Credit Advancement Enrollment Form.

District Summer School Programming contact info: email the summer school department or call Karla at 636-851-4012. If she cannot answer, please leave a message and calls will be returned as soon as possible.