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   Dr. Pam Sloan

Superintendent Message from Dr. Pam Sloan

Dear Francis Howell School District Community,

Last night during the closed session portion of the Board meeting, I asked the Board to accept my retirement at the end of the 2015-16 school year.  As I told the Board, the request fills me simultaneously with great joy and sadness as the work and improvement of this school district has been my work and passion for twenty-three years. While it is extremely difficult to let go, I have reached the time in my life where flexibility of work schedule and commitment of time have become important. My kids live out of state, and I have a grandson now that I am hoping to be able to spend more time with in the coming years.  Last year I requested that the Board not extend my contract an additional year, as I knew this day was near.

I feel privileged and honored to have worked in this great school district.  Our people—each of you-- are the District’s strength, and you will continue to be the force that moves the district forward.  We could not have achieved our current level of progress without your commitment and dedication to our students, families, and community. 

I will work with the Board of Education and our Executive Leadership team to make sure that the transition to a new superintendent will be smooth for the district and community.  We will keep you informed as the process moves along.  We have much work to be done, yet, in 2015-16, and I will work hard to make the remainder of the school year productive for our school district—students, staff, and community.

Thank you for your support of me in my various roles during my FHSD tenure.  I feel so very blessed to have been part of such an academically progressive time in FHSD history and to have worked with the finest and most dedicated school community - truly the best.

Dr. Pam Sloan
Superintendent of Schools