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   Dr. Pam Sloan

Superintendent Message

Hello Francis Howell Community,


As we close out the Centennial Anniversary of the Francis Howell School District, it’s time to reflect on the great accomplishments that happened throughout the District this quarter. The 2014-15 school year started with the Centennial Parade, and ended with the Centennial Time Capsule dedication and the graduation of another outstanding senior class.


Though 100 years have passed with many educational changes since the Francis Howell School District was established, there has been a continual thread through all these years that has not changed  – the dedication of our staff to our students. And in another 100 years, when the Centennial Time Capsule is reopened, we are confident that very same dedication to our students and the FHSD community will have continued.


Below are some of the celebrations that FHSD exhibited during fourth quarter that demonstrate our continued commitment to our students and to excellence.  



  • Administered annual state tests online for the first time
  • Administered ACT tests for ALL high school juniors
  • Increased initial indicators on end of course assessments in Biology, English II, and Government
  • Administered highest number of Advanced Placement (AP) exams taken – 1,706 AP exams taken (compared to 187 in 2005-06) – to a record number of students (874 compared to 124 in 2005-06)
  • Had the lowest number of dropouts in FHSD history this year – 34 in 2014-15 (compared to 138 in 2006-07)
  • Reported the lowest number of In School Suspension (ISS) and Out of School Suspension (OSS) incidents since tracking began – 1,222 ISS incidents (compared to 2,534 in 2010-11); 704 OSS incidents (compared to 1,180 in 2010-11)
  • Offered elementary and middle school STEAM and STEM camps
  • Earned U.S. News and World Report Top 25 Missouri High School recognition;  all high schools nationally ranked
  • Had FHN senior, Adam Cole, named as National Merit Scholarship Winner


Finance and Facilities

  • Completed development of FY16 budget, which was approved at the June 18 Board meeting
  • Reduced staffing budget for next school year by $4.2 million
  • Reduced non-personnel expenditures for next school year by $4 million
  • Placed a 90 cents tax levy on the August 4, 2015, ballot
  • Began renovations to baseball and band fields at FHN
  • Began needed electrical upgrades at five sites
  • Renovated HVAC system at Hollenbeck MS


Human Resources

  • Found that 100% of principals agreed or strongly agreed that they have high quality applicants for their teacher and administrator vacancies
  • Hired the Harvest Ridge Principal and the Administrator of Tuition Based Programs
  • Reported that  all FHSD teachers meet Highly Qualified definition
  • Completed first year of using the new teacher evaluation tool—over 4,800 classroom visits were made
  • Registered 18 administrative assistants for Support Staff Conference



  • Prepared new and existing devices for district-wide online state assessment testing
  • Conducted audit of mobile devices
  • Conducted demonstrations for selection of Digital Learning Platform

As we move through June and July, we are busy preparing for the new school year. In August, the District has a very important tax levy issue, Prop Y, on the ballot. Click here for more information on Prop Y. Please stay informed about Prop Y, and please vote on August 4.


Thank you for partnering with us on making sure your students have a quality educational experience.

Thank you,

Dr. Pam Sloan