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   Dr. Pam Sloan

Superintendent Message from Dr. Pam Sloan

Dear Staff and Community,

Last fall after twenty-three years of working with our students, staff, and community in FHSD, I announced my retirement. While it is certainly difficult to leave such important and fulfilling work, I do so knowing the district is in the hands of very talented and caring people.

During my nearly thirty years in education, much has changed; that is life. What has not changed, however, is the desire of parents to have the best education possible for their children and the desire of our staff to deliver great educational experiences for their students. As I depart this great school district, it is positioned as one of the highest performing districts in the state, and that accolade didn’t “just happen.” It is the result of intentional work and effort being done on the part of our students, staff, parents, Board of Education, and community—one day, one month, one year at a time.

During my tenure in public education, there has been much discourse on the quality of public schools. I depart the profession knowing that our nation’s public schools have never been better and Francis Howell has never been better. Education continues to be the greatest public good our nation has; it provides opportunity and hope to so many who otherwise would not have those intangibles. These are exciting times in education as we continue to focus on preparing our students for traditional careers as well as those careers that we cannot imagine today.

I have had the opportunity to teach many great and immensely talented students and to work with many committed and caring staff, parents, community, and Board members. My experiences, relationships, opportunities, and challenges as a public school educator have shaped my educational values and philosophy, and for all of it I am so thankful.

Thank you, FHSD community, for all you have done for our great schools and for allowing me to serve our students, families, and community these past years. FHSD will forever be in my heart.

As we prepare to leave for summer break in a couple of days, I hope that each family has an enjoyable summer with their family.

Dr. Pam Sloan